Last year it was iWebkit 5. This year it is jQuery Mobile. I’m referring to my journey into the world of web apps, although I do question the validity if the “app” label. What I am trying to do is deliver content and guide learning with the aid of mobile devices, such as the iPod/iPad and smartphones.

I started with my school’s prayer file, which I had converted to a PDF and uploaded to our school’s server. This year, I branched out and created a web version using jQuery Mobile – HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

I “tinker” with things. I have always done that, even from an early age – meccano sets (I still play with one from time to time.), crystal radios, guitar amplifiers, computers … And now it’s writing “apps” to deliver content for Religious Education.

I am an advocate for disruptive innovation. That is why I am convinced that we are headed in the direction of the deployment of mobile devices in the classroom. Believing this to be the direction of technology in education, I have been working on skilling myself with using my iPad to create web resources for students to access.

At present, I am learning as much as I can about gaining the most from using Touch App Creator. This app uses jQuery Mobile as its base and makes it easy to create the web apps I want to use with my students – well, almost.

Using my iPad, I am able to create apps that look like this:

This is a screen shot of a web app in preview mode. In edit mode, it looks like this:

The following screen shot will reveal some of the functions used in creating the app, which is about people who have worked for justice.

As “web creation” apps go, this one is quite powerful. This screen shot shows some of the functions available for use:

It is quite easy to embed movies in the app that you create. For instance, in an app that was created to introduce students to online aspects of the course I was teaching, I embedded a QuickTime movie about how to join the Edmodo group I had created for them.

What I would like to do is to build apps that have a notebook in them where students can paste quotes and then edit them into a summary of the content they have been working with – and then to email their notes to themselves, or to me – or, better still, to be able to post them to their space in Edmodo.

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