MentorMob Innovator

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I’m sitting in the Dome in Rockingham, tuning out the noise and tuning in my thoughts. I came here for a coffee and a Florentine – and the opportunity to gather my thoughts about this post. The theme? Are we wise to hitch ourselves to Apple? Or should we be planning to work across platforms? Should we be skilling teachers to use a variety of apps (a toolkit – Jenni Parker‘s description) in their online presentations to their students?

And the universities are …?

Recently, I attended the annual WAIER Forum. WAIER stands for “Western Australian Institute for Educational Research.” Some of the presentations were about e-learning and the presentation of online courses. I was particularly interested in the work of Jenni Parker, who has set up an online course for academics at Murdoch University to teach them how to design their own online courses. We are heading in the same direction: developing online courses for teaching our teachers how to design and produce their own online courses.

Professor Jan Herrington has something worthwhile to say about mobile learning.