The world is flat! It’s spinning faster than ever before. We should be saying “There aren’t enough minutes in the hour.” Technology has changed our world. I started teaching in my present school some fifteen years ago. We were a Mac school then and we are a leading digital school today. Fifteen years ago, we had one computer lab. Today we live in a 1:1 environment. To be more accurate, we are rapidly becoming a 2:1 environment, that is, many members of our community have two devices for accessing the Internet. And we seem to be moving in the direction of mobile learning, particularly with the aid of the iPad.

We have been giving serious consideration to what our teaching/learning environment will look like in twelve months’ time. The term “flipped classroom” is now spoken about openly and, thankfully, with critical awareness. We are also speaking about online learning as if it is the expectation and soon to be a major part of our teaching and learning. Already, course outlines can be accessed online. The number of teachers using Edmodo is growing. Many members of our community make use of wikis. And we are experimenting with our own WordPress-style blogs.

We have three portals: one for staff, another for students, and a third for parents. In the last six months, these have undergone continual development.